Free Bitcoin Lottery

Free Bitcoin Lottery

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0.0935 BTC
Last claimed prize:
0.0055 BTC
Total won:
0.6370 BTC
Registered users:
18 774
Current prize
0.0495 0.0055 BTC 0.0110
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Winners' results for last week

Draw # Winner address Amount Claimed? Date
804 1PFF4VciBqEhkkWKqioK33e3uRhagyAgYU 0.0495 No 10/18/17
803 1KRvLkUCVQJMMhJknFD22VPk8Tf4XwG583 0.0440 No 10/17/17
802 17iUMpGMLUjH8P2PXAreRUjnbevNf5b2kF 0.0385 No 10/16/17
801 1EsE1dUq6v3D8oWW99pQUSWWWsmkKPBqbK 0.0330 No 10/15/17
800 1NPb7PoRBGHzZYc38TGQTgGnaPP4afDdfW 0.0275 No 10/14/17
799 1LchKGD5aKMfRDGBqLbsLF9bT3J5xX8DJL 0.0220 No 10/13/17
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What is Bitcoin lottery?

Free Bitcoin lottery is a unique opportunity to win Bitcoin! It’s 100% Free! To take part in this lottery you just need to:

  • register your e-mail and Bitcoin address
  • every day visit our site to check the winning address.

In case your Bitcoin address wins, please claim your prize on our site and we will transfer Bitcoin immediately. If you don’t claim your prize during 24h, prize fund will increase and move to the next draw.

Why Bitcoin lottery is free? We don’t take any money from you and don’t send any e-mails with spam to the registered users. We earn money for lottery by placing advertisement on our site. (If you wish to place an advertisement please write us). So our lottery is always free for you!

If you want to support our project you can donate any amount to our Bitcoin address (you can find the address at the end of the page). All donations will be used to increase the prize funds!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a popular fast and reliable payment system based on cryptography. The author of the system is a man or a group of people under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. The fist information about the system appeared in 2007 and in 2009 Bitcoin network was launched.

Bitcoin is the first system which allows safe and reliable transfers via Internet from one user to another without intermediates.

If you still do not have a bitcoin address we recommend you to register it: Blockchain Wallet, Coinbase, Xapo.

Winners Reviews

Grateful for this opportunity. Thanks and Good luck to all!!!

Acumte, won 0.0385 BTC.

I Really didn't expect my winning 0.0440 BTC and i received it today. A big thanks to bitcoinlottery team and SFR10 who informed me (on about my winning. Once again thanks and regards.

Rude Boy, won 0.0440 BTC.